A Cultural Overview

A Sneak Peek

Into Our Culture

You Are
Our First Priority

At DCKAP, we believe in building a community that aspires to give You the opportunities, time and space to put your best work out there & it is this belief that shapes our decisions as we work towards nourishing You- Our Community.

Employee Handbook

How We Work

  • We are kind to each other and our clients — we strive to build a positive, supportive and diverse community of cohesive teams focused on delivering value to our clients.

  • We invest in growth, from our in-house library to our sponsored courses, we encourage our team members in their pursuit of knowledge.
  • We welcome innovation and experimentation, all of our products are the brainchildren of our team members.
  • We offer hybrid working arrangements, our team members are encouraged to work from home, the office and wherever else they feel best, and in time systems that suit their lives.
  • We work in a diverse team, and half of all our teams are led by women
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Growth Opportunities

Here are some ways in which you can grow with DCKAP!

  • Leadership: We offer a variety of leadership options for those interested, including Team Leadership and Managerial Roles.
  • Learn & Up-skill: We have a generous budget set aside to invest in your personal development and encourage you to attend. Workshops, Conferences, and Certified Courses.
  • Community: We believe in building strong communities and bring people together often through Events, Workshops, and e-Summits
  • Growth: We know that growth is never singular and actively hone each other’s development through Constructive, Actionable Feedback.
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