A Brief History


This is where we start our journey as a bootstrapped technology company with two people, two computers, and two desks out of a small apartment in Chicago, Illinois.


We move our headquarters to Fremont, California, and expand our operations with a new facility in Chennai, India.


After playing around with web design, mobile app development, and game development, we decided to specialize in the area of digital commerce.

This is the year we began to focus solely on the Magento platform and scale back our work with other platforms.

On the other hand, this is also the year we began our innovative journey and started working on some of our first experiments. Some of them ended up becoming great offerings and the rest great learnings.


By now, we've become an official Magento Partner, and have a few dozen certified developers and experts on hand.

Our close association with the Magento Team taught us the value of a partner ecosystem, partner marketing, and a tight knit community.

This is also when we began to expand our efforts to include other key players in the industry such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and integrative ERP systems.


We rebranded a little, and embraced the Rhino, a representative of our new perspective.

This is also the year we release our flagship product for customization, Productimize (Product Customization Platform).


In 2018, we released 2 more premium products, Cloras (ERP Integration Platform) and QA Touch (Test Management Tool)


This is the year we launch our latest brain-child- flexiPIM (Product Information Management), creating a full suite of digital products for a complete solution.

Now, We at DCKAP are on a mission to create better opportunities and empower the growth of people across the globe and be a front runner of Technological Innovation while at it. Today, DCKAP is uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, and distributors everywhere thrive online.

More About Our Journey

Our Community

At DCKAP, we believe that the eCommerce Industry is more than just online stores and websites. At its core, it is about seamless experiences for both the business and their customers.

Our mission of making the best solutions in the industry available to businesses of all sizes extends beyond building unparalleled shipping experiences, and amazing websites. It’s about building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and an ecosystem of solution minded people that drive the digital commerce industry forward. 

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